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Scandia, MN, us
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Divorced a long time ago, I have a daughter living at home and in her 3rd year of college for interior design, also a son graduating HS June of 2010. He will be moving up to Duluth to study pre-law in September. We live on a lake and I love the nature around here. I feed lots of animals and love to see what kind of things show up at my feeders. Deer, racoon, fox, possum, pheasant, and tons of birds!! I also have 4 cats and 3 dogs.
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Diehard series Lord of the Rings 2012 most vampire movies (twilight, resident evil, blade...) The Green Mile

Well, It's been 3W 2D 20H since I smoked!! 953 cigarettes WOW!! When I look at that number it amazes me. I'm doing pretty good but haven't really noticed any improvment in the way I feel and am worried that I waited too long to quit. I still think about smoking all the time and although they aren't serious craves, I can't stop thinking about them and wonder if I will always have these thoughts and how long I can fight them.
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